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How to transfer money, where I don't have credit card

Teachers and students may not have credit card and cannot transfer by bank account. In this page we explain how you can send or receive money without having a bank account.


If you do not have credit card or bank account and like to transfer money, you must first login to the website and choose My Profile in the main menu.


My profile in


Then, for financial affairs you must click on Suigle Wallet button and go to the page of Suigle wallet.


Suigle wallet


In the page of Suigle wallet you can Buy SUIE, by clicking on Buy SUIE button and buy SUIE crypto token as much as you want to transfer. 




By clicking on Buy SUIE button you will be redirected to Pancake Swap and can swap any crypto currency you have to SUIE.


Buy SUIE crypto token


Finally, you can use Metamask in order to send the SUIE existing in your wallet to any address for example the teacher wallet you like to pay.




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