Crypto Language School

Learn Language, Earn Money!

How to learn a new language?

Suigle offer self learning pannel to learn a new language by your own without teacher and without payment. Even you can earn money by learning a new language!

In order to learn a new language by your own as self learning, you must first login to the website and select Self Learning panel in the main menu.


self learning English


Then you can add any language to the list of your languages you wish to learn by clicking on the Add New Language button.


self learning


Finally, click on Learn Language (green button) in front of any language and start learning the laqnguage phrase by phrase. You must know you earn SUIE crypto token by any one phrase you learn. If you learn a phrase, click on I Learnt button and if you think you need more repeatation click on Please Repeat Later button.


learn french


Also by clicking on the review button (red button), you can review the phrases you learnt before.




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